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“It’s no secret that adjunct faculty take on the majority of the teaching load at many colleges and universities around the country, and it’s also not a secret that the pay and working conditions of adjuncts are not equal to what the dedicated academics who do this important work deserve. The academic job market is lean for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that colleges and universities do not need dedicated professionals to teach their courses. They do, and those professionals deserve pay, benefits, security, and institutional support befitting their roles. I am glad to support an adjunct unionization effort because I think this is among the best ways to help improve the situation of adjuncts not just at UHart, but across the country.

— Daniel Facchinetti, University of Hartford



‘‘Our union, the 4Cs, has won respect and dignity for teaching on campus, as well as a sense of security for me and my family. I receive a fair wage, almost $5,000 per three credit course. I have some job security, including a contractual obligation to a course every semester. I would not have any of these things if it wasn’t for my union.”

— Ramon Esponda, Gateway Community College



‘‘We are at a critical juncture to preserve academic freedom within the academy and learning community, to afford teachers and students stability to learn, and thus ensure a free thinking citizenry to preserve democracy. No one does this with greater passion, conviction and stalwart duty to our nation and all people of the world, including working families and our brothers and sisters, than SEIU. Together, we stand strong for freedom, equity and fairness. The threat to academic teachers, working families and the dream of middle class status must be met with the light of hope and enlightenment, with free access to learn, the right to reach one’s own potential for the future and posterity.”

— Merja Helen K. Lehtinen, Asnuntuck Community College



“Unions are necessary to protect our wages and working conditions.”

–Arlene LaPenta, University of Hartford



“Being part of this union will give us a stronger voice to advocate for our students.”

–Sylvie Gauthier, University of Hartford


Join us in uniting for a voice on campus and raising standards in Higher Education! Join the movement today!

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