Welcome to the Capital Chapter


Your Chapter Officers:

Marcia Clark (CCPs)
Kevin Lamkins (Faculty)
Warren Towler (Part-timers)
Waynette Arnum (Grievance Officer)

Your Statewide Officers:

Maureen Chalmers (President)
Lorraine Li (Vice President for Faculty)
Kevin Skee (Vice President for CCPs)
Patricia Burke (Vice President for Part-timers)
Angelo Glaviano (Vice President for Part-timers)
Waynette Arnum (Membership Officer)
Minati Roychoudhuri (Diversity Officer)
Steve Krevisky (Secretary)
Tony Scott (Treasurer)
Tom Jackson (Grievance Officer)
Bryan Bonina (Presidential Aide)

Your Union Rep:

Bob Reutenauer

Please check menu bar above for your contract, your union, and other information

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