Updates on SEBAC and Contract Negotiations

4Cs Contract Negotiations:

  • As previously reported, we have tentative agreements on some language changes, and all are improvements. These include such items as a sick leave bank, snow days for EAs (no loss of pay when the college closes), automatic insertion into the seniority pool for part-timers (as opposed to members “applying”), portable tenure for involuntary transfers, and the extension of Board policy for emeritus status to allow for email and course privileges.
  • Possibly entering arbitration in March.
  • Negotiations have been complicated by the state budget and SEBAC discussions.
State Budget/SEBAC Discussions:
  • SEBAC leaders and Governor’s representatives from OPM have been discussing whether or not they can agree to changes that would save the state money. The Governor’s budget anticipates a savings of $700 million through SEBAC. If those savings are not achieved, the budget assumes the layoff of over 4,000 state employees (about 430 at CSCU) to achieve the same savings.
  • SEBAC is meeting with OPM to see if there is a way to avoid layoffs, but there cannot be draconian givebacks. There is no agreement on ANY changes. If SEBAC votes to endorse any changes, then members will have a vote.
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