The 4Cs expects that we will have additional resources to better understand the SEBAC framework by the middle of next week, including Q&As, powerpoint, and more.
In the meantime, we have received several questions regarding some of the abbreviations used in the framework, so we created a document that outlines all the acronyms here.
You may also want to regularly check SEBAC’s website for updated information.
What happens next?
  • 4Cs leaders will meet to discuss the framework and hold information sessions on the campuses.
  • The 4Cs and our coalition partners, AFT and AFSCME, would need to work out a tentative agreement on our 4Cs Contract with the BOR.
  • The SEBAC agreement and the 4Cs Contract Agreement will be subject to ratification by the members.
  • Once this process is completed, and if all are approved, the SEBAC agreement and all the contracts for the individual bargaining units would be presented to the General Assembly as a single item for approval. The General Assembly can either vote yes on all the agreements or no on all the agreements.
More information to follow next week.

May 24th, 2017

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