Retirees Membership

Who Can Join?

Anyone who worked for the community colleges in any capacity can join.  Once we retire it matters not what job we had before retiring.  We are all retirees!  Actually, anyone who worked for any public agency in Connecticut can join – we just emphasize community colleges!

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The Cost?

$4.00 per month.  $48.00 per year.  This is automatically deducted if you are a member of the State Retirement System.  For those not in SERS, automatic deduction of dues is not available at present so an annual check for $48 must be made out to CSEA SEIU Local 2001 C400, and mailed to Connecticut State Employees Association, 760 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT  06106-9883.

Need to Update Your Personal Information?

Please stay in touch!  If your address or email address changes, let us know!  Send an email to Bill Searle with updated information:

Relationship to the 4Cs

“What do I do to stay involved once I retire?”  ” Who stands up for retirees?”  These were the two questions that founding members, Aldo Sicuso from Middlesex and Bill Tyszka from Tunxis asked.  The CSEA had retirement chapters, but none specifically for a particular group of employees.  Aldo and Bill thought that community college retirees had specialized interests and asked to form a focused chapter, with the 4Cs as sponsors.  CSEA agreed.  Thus, we are a CSEA/SEIU retirees chapter and maintain a close working relationship with the 4Cs.

Relationship to CSEA/SEIU

We are officially Chapter 418 of the CSEA/SEIU retirees unit.  As such we are part of an organization with thousands of members, which provides many benefits.  The CSEA/SEIU retirees unit represents retirees at all levels of state government, as well as nationally.

907 Wethersfield Ave., 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone: 860.296.5172
Toll Free: 800.822.2363