Preparing for Retirement

The Retirees Chapter offers information to help 4Cs members prepare for retirement. Check back often to see if there is anything new.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Retirement

  1. I am an adjunct instructor at MXCC. I have been teaching since 1989. I am turning 65 in March. When can I apply for retirment funds and can I still teach when I receive such funds. Who should I contact?

    1. Hi! Let me answer the most important first. Contact the HR office at MxCC. They will help you with all the forms for retirement and decsions you must make. If you are in the State Retirement System, there are quite a few forms to fill out, and you will need some information – all of which they will help you with. If you are in the Alternate Retirement System, or State Teachers Retirement System, they can still help you with information.

      You can certainly apply for retirement when you are 65, and yes, you can still teach when you are retired. The only change is that you can teach only 12 credits a year once you retire (6 per semester) – otherwise the state ‘unretires’ you! Good luck, and please join the 4C’s Retirees Chapter – you can download the form right through this website!

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