4Cs President Bryan Bonina joins the Retirees for a discussion

In speaking of the 4Cs Retirees Chapter, Congress of CT Community Colleges President Bryan Bonina said, “Stronger Together is not just a catchy phrase.  It is a truism.  All 4Cs members should join the Retirees Chapter upon retirement.  By doing so, you will be able to stay informed about your State insurance and pension benefits and be provided with opportunities to protect them. Active members who are not retired will help with this effort to preserve what you have earned.  In turn, we need your voices to continue to speak up for community colleges, our students, and all state employees. Economic and social justice issues are important to us all. Our collective voice is a proven way of making meaningful and lasting changes.  Stronger Together!”  Bill Searle, Retiree Chapter President, added, “We are retired, not dead.  We still care deeply about our colleagues, our students, our colleges and our world.  Joining together in coalition helps magnify our voices on many issues!”

Why Become A Member?

  • Lobbying clout. As part of a nearly 14,000 member state retirees council, we have a strong voice on issues facing retirees.  Who else stands up for you?
  • Social Issues. We are another strong voice speaking for the people we have always spoken for – those who need our help to be heard.
  • Senior Issues. We join with other organizations to speak out on issues facing all senior citizens, from Social Security to retirement security, from providing better services to disabled seniors to reducing waste and fraud.
  • Representation. Want to continue working for the community colleges?  We are the only organization that represents your interests to the Board of Regents.
  • Friendship. Life is not all work and no fun.  Join and spend time with bright, involved and interested people.

Click here to print out the Retirees Chapter Membership Form

To find out more about how to join, email Chapter President Bill Searle.

907 Wethersfield Ave., 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone: 860.296.5172
Toll Free: 800.822.2363