President Bonina’s Op-Ed, “Cost drives away community college students”


Published on eve before Thanksgiving in the New Britain Herald and The Bristol Press, 4Cs President Bryan Bonina discusses inequity in higher education.

– I was delighted to see the Sept. 6 editorial in my hometown newspaper and former employer, the Bristol Press. The editorial, which also ran in the Press’s sister paper, The New Britain Herald, convincingly pled the case for adequately funding Connecticut’s Community Colleges, which are many residents’ best and only hope for a college education.

Today, the editorial noted, even the modest $4,042 annual tuition we offer prices some of our less fortunate students out of the education market. Couple that with the cost of textbooks, which can reach the $200-$300 mark for a single book, and you have an obstacle that, for many of our students, is insurmountable.

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