Are You a Member?

When you are hired and placed in the 4Cs Bargaining Unit, you may think you are automatically a member. In fact, unless you have signed a union card you are not a member.

ONLY UNION MEMBERS may vote to ratify a union contract, vote to elect union officers or representatives, or run for union office themselves. Union members receive regular publications and updates. Union members are invited to special conferences and events. Union members have access to member-only benefits through the Union Plus program and SEIU Member Benefits.

Joining the union costs only one percent (1%) of your paycheck; it’s a small investment for a voice in the workplace. By participating fully in the affairs of the union, you will help improve the rights and benefits for ALL union members.


Your Pay stub will tell you if you are a Member.

On your pay stub there is a box (#4 in the photo below) titled “After-Tax Deductions”. The first entry will say either “ComColFac” or “ComColAdm”. This will be followed by a “D” for dues if you are a member.

Complete a membership form today. If you prefer to fill out a hard copy, you can do so here.revised_paycheck

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