Part-Time Members

Sign Up for the Part-time Lecturers Pool (for part-time faculty who have taught at least 24 credits at a CT community College) **UPDATED Fall 2017: Part-time faculty are no longer required to apply for the PTL Pool. To be eligible, adjuncts must have taught at least 18 credits (previously the threshold was 24 credits) with at least one satisfactory evaluation. 

Collective Bargaining Agreement and Rates of Pay

4Cs Part-Timers Guide (an overview of your rights and benefits)

Professional Development Funds for Part-Timers (college info on how to access funds)

> Are you a 4Cs member? (if you haven’t signed a membership form, you’re not getting the full value of union membership)

> Health Benefits for Part-timers

Public Benefits

Unemployment Compensation for Part-Time Faculty (a memo concerning possible eligibility for certain part-time faculty)

> Community College Jobs (links to employment opportunities)

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