From Thomas C. Woodruff, Director, Healthcare Policy & Benefit Services Division, Office of the State Comptroller:

The Governor and SEBAC (State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition) have reached an agreement that establishes a Maintenance Drug Network Program, effective October 1, that provides two options for state employees and retirees under age 65 to obtain their maintenance drugs for certain chronic conditions:

  1. 1. Obtain maintenance drugs through mail order; or
  2. 2. Pick up maintenance drugs in person at any local pharmacy that is participating in the Maintenance Drug Network.

To date, pharmacies participating in the Maintenance Drug Network include: all Big Y, CVS, ShopRite and Stop & Shop pharmacies. In addition, Bordornaro’s Pharmacy in Portland, Hope Street Pharmacy in Stamford, and Manchester Pharmacy in Manchester have agreed to participate. This means that, instead of receiving these drugs through the mail, participants may pick up their prescriptions for maintenance drugs at any of these pharmacies.

The Office of the State Comptroller will post details as additional pharmacies may join the network in the coming weeks.  The pharmacy list is located at :

Maintenance medications are those used to treat chronic conditions and are typically taken on a regular basis. If a participant is currently getting a 90-day supply of a medication for a chronic condition at their pharmacy, it is likely a maintenance drug. Caremark, the state’s pharmacy benefits manager, maintains a list of those drugs frequently used by state plan members that are considered maintenance medications. The list can be accessed at this link:

After October 1, if a participant refills a maintenance drug at participating Maintenance Drug Network pharmacy, the refill should be made for a 90-day supply for one co-pay.   It is the responsibility of the local pharmacist to contact the physician if a 30-day script for maintenance drugs needs to be converted to a 90-day script.

After October 1, if a participant refills a maintenance drug at a pharmacy that is NOT participating in the Maintenance Drug Network he/she will only receive a 30-day supply. Following that prescription fill, Caremark will notify the participant directly by mail that their next refill for that medication must be refilled through the maintenance program.

Caremark will also inform participants of these prescription filling options outlined above. Participants can register for the mail order process by phone at 1-800-875-0867 or can log on to and sign in to register. Participants should have their prescription card number, the names of medicines, their doctor’s information and payment information (credit card, debit card, check) ready.

Some employees have expressed concern that for security or privacy reasons, they would rather not receive maintenance drug(s) by mail. If they would prefer to pick up maintenance medications in person, they should use one of the local pharmacies in the Maintenance Drug Network.

Currently, pharmacies in over 250 locations throughout the state have agreed to participate in the Maintenance Drug Network. If participants fill their maintenance drug prescriptions at these locations they will be able to get a 90-day fill for one co-pay.

September 30th, 2011

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