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It’s time to raise the value of higher education in Connecticut

Having an affordable, quality system of higher education in Connecticut impacts us all. The value of a college degree can be measured by the many different personal and societal benefits:

– increased lifetime earnings potential for individuals and higher income tax revenue for the state;

– a network of classmates and fellow alumni, which can be another attraction to living and working within Connecticut upon graduation;

– subject-matter expertise, which helps attract businesses to our state by having plenty of skilled workers;

– the capacity for upward mobility for individuals and their families; and

– becoming a more well-rounded individual and part of a well-informed public

The demand for affordable, quality higher education will continue to grow. Connecticut must invest in our higher education systems to meet this demand.

A Better Connecticut is Possible

Connecticut can and must do better. The Due Justice coalition made up of faith leaders, community leaders, and labor unions continues to argue for a moral budget that will make Connecticut a stronger, more prosperous state by investing in our working families

Together, we can build an economy that works for everyone

Better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and safer workplaces are things all workers deserve. One person demanding them will likely end in disappointment, but when thousands of us join together, the possibilities are endless.

Healthcare is Our Right

No one should be turned away from potentially life-saving medical treatment simply because they are not paid enough.

We Value the Role of Underrepresented Groups

The Congress is committed to expanding the role of underrepresented groups in the community colleges, the legislative arena, and all other areas in which the Union operates.

Everyone Deserves Fair Wages

With long-standing inequalities getting in the way of real opportunities for many of us, and a growing gap between the wealthy and working families, it is clear that the economy is working for only a wealthy few. The 4Cs has supported the Fight for $15 and advocates for living wages for everyone in Connecticut.

In Unions, We Have Power

Members of The 4Cs exercise power in numbers to stand up to unfair treatment on the job—whether that takes the form of mistreatment, discriminatory policies, unsafe working conditions or inadequate resources to provide top-notch services. Together, we rise!

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