Furlough Day Guidelines

The 4Cs has heard from many people through our above poll, chapter meetings, and individual emails, and furlough days remains the top question about our contract implementation for full-timers (note: part-time employees are not required to take furlough days).
Taking furlough days is similar to taking a personal leave day. You can take them whenever you want with the prior approval of your supervisor. Also, like a personal leave day, there is nothing preventing someone from taking a half furlough day.

For faculty, it is encouraged that the furlough day does not interrupt the students’ scheduled classes; however, if you are able to obtain class coverage (without costs to the college) or schedule another activity for the students, AND you have the prior approval of your supervisor, there is nothing preventing you from taking that as a furlough day. For example, if you assigned a take home examination in lieu of class and your department chair approved, it would be acceptable to take a furlough day.

Colleges cannot mandate a furlough day. For staff, that means they cannot require you to take the day after Thanksgiving if the college is normally open. For faculty, it means that the college cannot mandate that one of the eight “college days” is a faculty furlough day.

Because the furlough days are being charged to the 4Cs grievance/equity contract account, you will not see a reduction in pay.

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