Emergency Sick Leave Bank: Reminder that Sick Days will be Contributed on March 31

For the new Emergency Sick Leave Bank, everyone should note that:
  • On March 31st of each year of the agreement, all full-time members who have not contributed to the Emergency Sick Leave Bank (ESLB) shall have three of their accrued sick days assigned to the ESLB.
  • Bargaining unit members with a sick leave balance of 105 hours or more on March 31st will have these three days deducted immediately.
  • Bargaining unit members with less than 105 sick leave hours on March 31st, will have 1 day deducted quarterly.
  • New hires will have one day deducted in each of the 9th, 10th, and 11th month accruals.
The donation of three days only occurs one time,┬ábut upon retirement, all members’ sick days in excess of 240 shall be assigned to the ESLB.
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