Contract Implementation: Promotion Committee

As our twelve campuses began forming Promotion Committees this fall, an issue was discovered. Some campus managers insisted that the makeup of the Promotion Committee was changed through the 4Cs recent contract negotiations: two managers should be serving on the Promotion Committee. However, members did not recall seeing any information about a change to the Promotion Committee.
After research, it was discovered that both sides are correct. In reviewing notes from negotiations, the issue was tentatively agreed to on May 4, 2016: the makeup of the Promotion Committee would mimic the composition that AFT had agreed to in previous years’ negotiation.
However, the issue of the Promotion Committee composition was never incorporated into the three Tentative Agreements that were signed (here). All of the information that was shared with the membership was created from those Tentative Agreements.
The 4Cs Attorney has been notified and is researching how to proceed. Please review this message from AFT President Dennis Bogusky to 4Cs President Bonina concerning the promotion committee language change.
We will share more information about this when we hear from our attorney.

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