April 21st, 2015

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Part-time employees may be eligible for unemployment benefits during the semester if they do not receive a class or an E.A. contract, if they are not working full-time elsewhere, or are not working the equivalent of full-time because of multiple part-time jobs.

Part-time employees are not eligible for unemployment during the summer or intersession if there is a “reasonable assurance” of employment in the coming semester. This standard does not require a guarantee of reemployment. If there is a history of reemployment or you are offered a contract for the coming semester, this may constitute a reasonable assurance.

If you apply for unemployment for the summer or intersession and are granted it, the employer has the right to appeal that award. If on appeal, it is found that you should not have been granted unemployment, you will be required to pay back any benefits received.  Usually, the payback would come out of future unemployment payments. This would mean that payback would only occur if at some future date you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Individuals may wish to apply for summer unemployment anyway because, if your class or classes do not run, you may be eligible for retroactive unemployment benefits. That would mean you would receive benefits retroactive to your last day of employment.

You can apply for unemployment benefits online. Go to:

June 11th, 2013

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Summary Part-Timers’ Survey Results

This fall, the 4C’s Part-Timers Committee conducted a short demographic survey of community college part-timers. All 2,263 part-timers in the 4C’s bargaining unit were invited to participate.  570 part-timers responded.

Robyn Brooks, 4C’s Vice President from Part-Timers, drafted the survey. She said the Part-Timers Committee will be analyzing the results to help them better focus on issues that matter most to part-timers.

One startling statistic that emerged from the survey was that 82% of respondents were not aware that Professional Development Funds are available for part-timers.

“Our committee will be looking at ways to get information out to part-timers concerning these funds,” said Ana Jusino, Chair of the Part-Timers Committee.

January 18th, 2013

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