Delegate Assembly

The 4Cs has opened nominations for statewide and chapter elections. The statewide election will take place from April 3 through April 22, 2019. As in the past, the 4Cs will utilize online voting software to conduct the vote.

Members must be in good standing to run for office and vote within the election. Please review the 4Cs Constitution, Article III, Section 1 for the definition of a member in good standing.


Nominations may be submitted through electronic mail (, U.S. mail (The 4Cs, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, CT 06114), or through the online form until March 1. Members may self-nominate for office or be nominated by another member in good standing. Please submit the nominee’s first and last legal name, college/university at which s/he works, the office(s) that s/he is seeking, and a preferred email address and phone number for communications about the election. An electronic form is also provided for your convenience here.

Alternately, nominations may be made during the March 2nd Delegate Assembly meeting at 10am at the 4Cs Office (907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford); please email Ellen Benson at if you would like remote access to the meeting.

Members may be nominated for more than one position. Members may serve as both a statewide and chapter officer or delegate. Also, members may serve as both a chapter officer and delegate for the chapter.



Statewide Offices that require election in 2019 include (see the 4Cs Constitution, Article VII for duties and powers):

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President from Teaching Faculty
  • Vice President from CCPs
  • Two Vice Presidents from Part-timers
  • Diversity Officer
  • Membership Officer


The office of President receives a 60% release time per the 4Cs Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article IV, Section 3, B). The Executive Board shall recommend all released time assignments to the Delegate Assembly. Compensation for all Executive Board members shall be set by the Delegate Assembly and shall be awarded by the President based on individual performance. While compensation is subject to change, the compensation last year for most of the statewide offices was equivalent to a 3 credit course paid at the part-time level II rate. The treasurer and president receive a monthly stipend and the positions require work all 12 months. Last year, the treasurer was paid the equivalent of five 3 credit courses and the president was paid the equivalent of 6 three credit courses. Compensation may be changed.

All Statewide officers serve on the Executive Board and the Delegate Assembly. Therefore, members should make an effort to attend the Delegate Assembly meetings that typically take place the first Saturday of the months of September, October, November, December, February, March, April and May. Mileage is reimbursed for elected and appointed officers and invited guests.



Chapter Offices that are up for election include the following positions for EACH local chapter of the 4Cs:

  • Chapter chair for CCPs
  • Chapter chair for Faculty
  • Chapter chair for Part-timers
  • 5 Delegate Assembly representatives


Chapter officers are responsible for calling chapter meetings and assisting members with problems and grievances. Officers must submit a report at the end of the academic year on the activities of the chapter in order to receive compensation. Compensation for Chapter Officers shall be determined via the annual Congress budget process. While subject to change, officers last year received a share of $2100 per campus.

A representative to the Delegate Assembly may simultaneously hold a chapter officer title.



Members being nominated must accept the nomination when contacted by the Election Committee and confirm their eligibility by Department of Labor standards by March 7.  Candidates will then receive a memorandum with the election procedures and rules by March 8.



If you have any questions, please contact the 4Cs office at 860.296.5172 or by email at ellen@the and your inquiry will be directed to the correct individual(s).



February 13th, 2019

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On Saturday, September 15, 4Cs Chapter Chairs and Delegates were invited to attend a meeting to discuss better ways to engage new members! Ideas were exchanged, tools were previewed, and challenges were discussed. 

We will be implementing new ideas throughout the year!

September 15th, 2018

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On Monday, everyone that works in the CSCU System received a message from President Ojakian about his proposed reorganization plan. This proposed strategy to close anticipated budget shortfalls will be discussed at Thursday’s BOR meeting (10am, Betty Tipton Room, Student Center, ECSU).
While the letter and PowerPoint provided a framework for reorganization, the details have not been determined or finalized. The uncertainty of this proposal, has created a lot of fear among our members, especially those identified as “back office” functions by President Ojakian.
In his letter, the BOR President mentions that vital functions, such as HR, IT, and Institutional Research may be eliminated or moved to a centralized location. However, the uncertainty also indicates there may be time to influence the details; influence that will come through many conversations and collective action by all of our members.
There are a few additional factors that complicate matters. First,  the legislative session is still underway. While everyone is predicting a significant budget deficit in the state, the state doesn’t have its tax returns back and the Appropriations Committee has not drafted its final budget. Having the threat of significant budget deficits across all state government reduces opposition to the reorganization plan by the public and legislators.  Though as noted in the CT Mirror, President Ojakian structured his plan to only need approval by the Board of Regents, and not the General Assembly.
Also, there are many anti-collective bargaining bills this session, nearly 100 were heard on March 24. A bill that is especially concerning to all public higher education unions is SB 596, An Act Concerning the Definition of a Managerial Employee, which we believe, if passed, would remove many current members from being represented by a union. This is a significant concern as the union contract provides our members protection from arbitrary treatment, including the period of required notice.
Finally, the state is currently in discussion with SEBAC leaders to see if there is a means to come to an agreement on $700 million in savings as put forth by the Governor. SEBAC will play a pivotal role in any final agreement that is reached with the BOR. The consolidation effort brought forward affects not only the 4Cs, but all our coalition partners including AFT-CT, AFSCME, and CSU-AAUP. Job protection is likely to be part of any SEBAC agreement.
With all of these factors, our response strategy is complex and involves the input from our many partners.
But above all, we also need to hear from YOU, our members. We have set up a survey for you to submit comments here.
We have a Delegate Assembly meeting on Saturday, April 8 and in the meantime, we will keep our eyes open, listen intently, and learn as much as we can along the way.

April 5th, 2017

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The Delegate Assembly met on Saturday, April 11 and revised and passed the budget for the 2016 Fiscal Year. 

April 30th, 2015

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Help us update our logo and possibly win $500!

The 4Cs (Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges) is running a logo contest for all 4Cs members and students at Connecticut’s twelve community colleges. We are seeking a new logo that is modern, fun and creative while still maintaining the level of professionalism one would expect from an organization representing members in the higher education field. See here for complete details.

The contest ends on April 24.

April 1st, 2015

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The Finance Committee presented the budget for 2015-16 at the March 7 Delegate Assembly meeting. The budget can be viewed here.

Delegates will be voting on the budget at its April 11 meeting.

March 10th, 2015

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The membership approved the Constitution Revisions as forwarded by the Delegate Assembly. A total of 326 members (15.26% voter participation) voted. To be approved, two-thirds of the Congress members participating in the election must have approved the revisions, or 218 voters. The final count was 243 approve (75% of those voting) to 83 disapprove (25% of those voting).

Click here to view a PDF of the voting results.

The final Constitution can be viewed here.


February 3rd, 2015

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Due to the snow storm forecast for Saturday January 24, the Delegate Assembly meeting is rescheduled for Sunday January 25 at 11:00 a.m. As you know, the 4Cs Constitution revision is time-sensitive and cannot be postponed any further. The Finance and Equal Opportunities Committees will meet on Sunday at 10:00 a.m., prior to the Delegate Assembly. The Professional Affairs Committee will meet on Sunday at 10:15 a.m. The Part-time Committee will meet on Saturday, February 7 at 9:00 a.m.

January 23rd, 2015

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