As our twelve campuses began forming Promotion Committees this fall, an issue was discovered. Some campus managers insisted that the makeup of the Promotion Committee was changed through the 4Cs recent contract negotiations: two managers should be serving on the Promotion Committee. However, members did not recall seeing any information about a change to the Promotion Committee.
After research, it was discovered that both sides are correct. In reviewing notes from negotiations, the issue was tentatively agreed to on May 4, 2016: the makeup of the Promotion Committee would mimic the composition that AFT had agreed to in previous years’ negotiation.
However, the issue of the Promotion Committee composition was never incorporated into the three Tentative Agreements that were signed (here). All of the information that was shared with the membership was created from those Tentative Agreements.
The 4Cs Attorney has been notified and is researching how to proceed. Please review this message from AFT President Dennis Bogusky to 4Cs President Bonina concerning the promotion committee language change.
We will share more information about this when we hear from our attorney.

November 16th, 2017

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Did you apply for a tuition waiver for Fall 2017 for yourself, a spouse, or a dependent? The 4Cs is seeking your input as we work towards agreement on the waiver of fees.

Please fill out this short survey!

November 1st, 2017

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The 4Cs has heard from many people through our above poll, chapter meetings, and individual emails, and furlough days remains the top question about our contract implementation for full-timers (note: part-time employees are not required to take furlough days).
Taking furlough days is similar to taking a personal leave day. You can take them whenever you want with the prior approval of your supervisor. Also, like a personal leave day, there is nothing preventing someone from taking a half furlough day.

For faculty, it is encouraged that the furlough day does not interrupt the students’ scheduled classes; however, if you are able to obtain class coverage (without costs to the college) or schedule another activity for the students, AND you have the prior approval of your supervisor, there is nothing preventing you from taking that as a furlough day. For example, if you assigned a take home examination in lieu of class and your department chair approved, it would be acceptable to take a furlough day.

Colleges cannot mandate a furlough day. For staff, that means they cannot require you to take the day after Thanksgiving if the college is normally open. For faculty, it means that the college cannot mandate that one of the eight “college days” is a faculty furlough day.

Because the furlough days are being charged to the 4Cs grievance/equity contract account, you will not see a reduction in pay.

September 15th, 2017

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As we start to implement the recent changes made to our Collective Bargaining Agreement, there have been a number of questions raised, which are answered below.

Has there been any guidance provided on taking our three furlough days? 

  • Furlough days only affect full-time members; less than 20 hour/week part-time Educational Assistants and part-time lecturers are not required to take furlough days.
  • Furlough days are being covered by contract funds so there should be no loss of pay.
  • Furlough days should be scheduled by mutual agreement between the member and his/her supervisor.
  • For teaching faculty, the furlough days should be taken during the academic year.
There is new language on tuition waivers extending the “value of the waiver” to the CSUs; how will this work? Will it be retroactive to July 1, 2016?
  • The waiver is available with the fall 2017 semester, but we do not have an answer to whether it will be retroactive. For the current semester, contact the HR office at campus where the course(s) will be taken for information on how to obtain the waiver.
The Seniority (Part-Time Lecturer’s Pool or PTL) Pool is becoming automatic with 18 credits taught at one college and at least one positive evaluation. I am already in the pool, but have never been evaluated; will I remain in the pool?
  • Yes, all of the members currently in the pool will remain in the pool (unless you have turned down courses for five semesters in row without good cause).
When will the PTL Pool become automatic?
  • You should continue to apply for the pool until the procedures are determined. The sign up form is online. We will keep you updated when we have more information.


If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to email us.

August 31st, 2017

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Yesterday, the Connecticut Senate passed the SEBAC Tentative Agreement by a vote of 19-18, thanks to the tie breaking vote of Lt. Gov. Wyman. Last week, the Agreements were approved by the House by a margin of 78-72.

The SEBAC Tentative Agreement can be viewed here. The 4Cs Tentative Agreement can be viewed here (note: there are multiple agreements).
SEBAC Statement on Passage

“We commend the State Senators who voted yes and Lieutenant Governor Wyman for doing the right thing on behalf of Connecticut and its working and middle-class families.
The passage of the SEBAC Agreement and its companion 34 bargaining unit agreements secures $1.5 billion in savings in the biennium and $24 billion over the next two decades while protecting vital public services, which all Connecticut residents depend on. We urge the Senate to use the momentum of this positive result to move on to a budget that serves the interest of all of Connecticut’s 3.5 million ordinary residents, rather than consolidating the power and privilege of the wealthiest few and the largest corporations.
In Connecticut, the very wealthy pay a lower percentage of their income in state and local taxes than working and middle-class families do. This is a level of unfairness that our state just can’t afford and we hope the General Assembly passes a fair and moral budget for all Connecticut residents.”

August 1st, 2017

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the vote on the 4Cs and SEBAC Tentative Agreements.

All three tentative agreements – SEBAC, 4Cs full-time CBA, and 4Cs part-time CBA – were overwhelmingly approved by you. Please see the attached for our CBA results.

In addition, all Connecticut SEBAC voting unit members unanimously approved the SEBAC tentative agreement. Please see the SEBAC press release here.

The support of these agreements by our members sends an important message to every Connecticut citizen. Together, we have stated loud and clear that we are willing to do our part to assure Connecticut Community Colleges continue to deliver affordable, high quality education and excellent services into the future. This is what we do, and we do it extremely well!

Your support for these agreements is a reflection of how much 4Cs members care about protecting Connecticut Community Colleges, our students, and our communities.
Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.
In solidarity,
Bryan R. Bonina, President
Congress of CT Community Colleges

July 18th, 2017

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More information has been created to answer questions related to the SEBAC framework. Please find a Q&A on ARP and Hybrid changes and a one-page explanation of SEBAC 2017’s financial impacts to members (Pre-7/1/22).
Further, to gain a better understanding of the health care premium share changes for active employees in terms of dollars for 2019-2022, please see the attached chart. If you are unsure of your health plan, you may want to review the health care planner that you received during open enrollment (here); the plans are on page 19. You also need to know if you are on a single plan, 1+1, Family, or Family Less Employed Spouse (FLES).
SEBAC and the State have asked that all bargaining units, including the 4Cs, finalize contracts on or around June 13. With that timing in mind, the 4Cs has begun to plan Chapter Meetings on all twelve campuses to present information on both the 4Cs Contract (not final as of today) and SEBAC. The schedule is as follows:
  • Gateway: Monday, June 19, 1pm, Cafe
  • Housatonic: Monday, June 19, 3pm, Beacon Hall 331
  • Quinebaug Valley: Tuesday, June 20, 9am, TBA
  • Tunxis: Tuesday, June 20, 1pm, TBA
  • Naugatuck Valley: Wednesday, June 21, Noon, TBA
  • Middlesex: Wednesday, June 21, 2:30, Chapman Hall 808
  • Three Rivers: Thursday, June 22, 10am, C201
  • Northwestern: Thursday, June 22, Noon, TBA
  • Manchester: Monday, June 26, 2pm, AST E202
  • Capital: Tuesday, June 27, 2pm, Room 1126
  • Norwalk: Wednesday, June 28, 2pm, Culinary Arts Dining Room
  • Asnuntuck: Thursday, June 29, 2pm, TBA
Information already shared:

June 8th, 2017

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October 20th, 2016

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