Please join the 4Cs for our 2018 Membership Conference on Saturday, April 28 at the Mystic Hilton. The agenda and registration can be found here.

Workshops will include preparing for retirement, promotion and tenure, contract questions and answers, labor history, conflict resolution, the politics of public higher education, and more!

Our lunchtime speaker will be Steve Thornton, author of
Wicked Hartford. “One of the oldest cities in America, Hartford holds plenty of sinful stories. Famed inventor and industrialist Samuel Colt sold arms to both the North and South in the buildup to the Civil War. The notorious Seyms Street jail was the subject of national criticism and scandal for its deplorable conditions. Local journalist Daniel Birdsall fought to expose corruption in the powerful insurance industry and local government at the expense of his own printing presses. Tension between unions and “robber barons” such as Jay Gould spilled into the streets during the Gilded Age. In Wicked Hartford, Author Steve Thornton takes readers on an exciting journey through the seedy underbelly of Hartford’s past” (read more here).

Steve Thornton is a retired union organizer (the 4Cs and 1199) and community activist who has led strikes and organizing campaigns in Connecticut for the past 35 years. He has trained hundreds of people in nonviolent direct action and thousands of workers to become rank and file leaders. Steve has worked to build coalitions between various groups working on economic, racial, and environmental justice (

Registration will remain open until Friday, April 20. Please register here!

April 2nd, 2018

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For publicity related to the upcoming Campus Equity Week, we’re looking for adjuncts or former adjuncts who have had difficulty making ends meet though adjuncting, have found adjunct working conditions difficult (no office, etc) and are willing to talk about it with radio talk show hosts and newspaper reporters. Our goal is to find three adjuncts from each community college who are willing to do this. The ultimate goal of the publicity efforts is to get adjuncts’ pay raised. If you’re willing to discuss your situation, please call Anson Smith at 860-593-8090 or send him your contact info (office, cell, home numbers) as a Facebook message or as an e-mail at soon as possible. If you know someone else who is willing to discuss their experiences, please ask them to contact Anson.
Thank you, in solidarity!

October 7th, 2015

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