Attention Full-time ACLs! The Willis Process is Starting

The Willis process of job evaluation for 2015 is starting now! What does this mean? You have the opportunity to make a case that your position should be reclassified. If it is determined to be “sufficiently substantial,” your position would be reclassified and in return, you would increase your salary.
To determine “sufficiently substantial,” please see the “Change of Duties Worksheet.” A valid change of duties claim will have to demonstrate, in relation to as many of these criteria as possible, the substantial difference between what your job requires now and what it required previously. Bear in mind that Willis ratings are not based on the amount of work an individual has to do, but on the level of that work.
Also, please see the overview of the “Willis Job Evaluation System” for more information about this process. 
To make a claim, use the worksheet. For each of the six criteria, please either state, “no change,” or list the duties added. It is not necessary to show a change in every area if none has taken place. What is important is to focus on the most demanding aspects of your job. The goal of the worksheet is to determine whether enough change has taken place that the union should initiate a formal claim on your behalf.  A much more detailed and lengthy job content questionnaire will then need to be filled out for further review.

Submit the worksheet to the 4Cs office (907 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06114) by Friday, February 20, 2015. Any questions call the office at 860 296-5172 or 1-800 822-2363.  Fax number is (860) 296-6219.  You could also scan and e-mail the worksheet to

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907 Wethersfield Ave., 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone: 860.296.5172
Toll Free: 800.822.2363