4Cs Members Can Save by Joining Oil Co-0p

The Citizen’s Oil Co-op offers residents in every town in Connecticut and Rhode Island the opportunity to save on home energy costs.  In addition to heating oil, the Co-op saves consumers money on other home utilities such as electricity, Biofuel, and propane.

There is normally a $10 non-refundable application fee to join the Oil Co-op, but as a special offer to union members, Citizen’s Oil Co-op is offering to waive the $10 application fee to any 4Cs member that signs up by January 31st, 2014.  Annual membership dues are $30 ($20 seniors); an amount that may be saved in the first delivery.

Citizen’s Oil Co-op has been able to negotiate contracts that run, on average, about 25 cents below the state average price per gallon.  For the week of December 2, Co-op oil prices averaged $3.599, while the state average was $4.064, saving members 46.5 cents per gallon. A 200 gallon order would save a member $93.

With temperatures dropping and a cold heating season on its way, this equates to big savings for union members who join the Co-op.

To join call the Co-op at 860-561-6011 or visit their website at oilco-op.com.



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