2021 Statewide Officers Election

Voting for 4Cs 2021 Statewide Officers will begin April 5 and run through April 22. Statewide officers include President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President from Faculty for the Public Division, Vice President from Community College Professionals (CCPs) for the Public Division, two Vice Presidents from Part-Timers for the Public Division, Vice President for the Private Division, Membership Officer, and Diversity Officer.


Voting will open on April 5th around 10am. To vote:

  1. Go to https://eballot4.votenet.com/seiu1973/login.cfm
  2. Enter your last name as your username
  3. Enter your 2 digit birth month, 2 digit birth day, and four digit birth year as your password.

Please reach out to the 4Cs at ellen@the4cs.org or by calling 860.296.5172 if you have any problems voting.

Candidate Forum

The Election Committee held a forum for the candidates on Monday, March 29. To watch the video of the forum, click here.

Meet the Candidates



Maureen M. Chalmers

Knowledge, experiences, temperament, and relationships matter in a president. I am grateful that I had what is needed to keep us safe during the most tumultuous period in our union’s history. The MOAs I created protected us from the pandemic. Other state agencies are at 50% staffing. The 4Cs is at 20%. Strong MOAs are protecting IT and CCP members during the consolidations fight.  I was laid off, and when I was saved, I made it my mission to have the skills to protect the union as they protected me. For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/MaureenFor4CsPresident.  Click comments for info.

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Seth Freeman

I am running for 4Cs President to bring new leadership and a new vision to our union. Our new leadership team will transform our union to ensure all members are knowledgeable of our challenges and opportunities, and able to meaningfully and consistently participate in the solutions we undertake together. Only when you are fully engaged, fully informed, and fully empowered, can we move forward as a strong body together. Our leadership team understands at a core level that our strength and solidarity as a union comes from you. Learn more about the plan and vision, go to stronger4cs.com

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Kimberly Hamilton Bobrow

Putting students first requires that community colleges are funded as state sites of equitable opportunity and equitable outcomes for all. As my colleague Saulo Colon underscores “our working conditions are the conditions for learning.” This applies across all units at Connecticut Community Colleges that constitute 4Cs membership. I’m committed to a 4Cs leadership team whose work on behalf of its members integrates labor’s 21st century best practices, tools, and strategies as well as alliances and coalitions, including work across state lines that enlists governors and state legislatures in sustaining an emerging 21st US century labor movement.  www.stronger4cs.com

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Lorraine Li

I have represented our members over two decades, holding 7 different positions, elected and appointed, on local and statewide levels. I don’t just complain about working conditions; I can point to concrete results. I am proud of my accomplishments, especially in fighting for and getting: AR credit for teaching fully online courses at Gateway; inclement weather closing adjustments; reimbursements for faculty and CCPs during the COVID “pivot”; increasing PT pay parity; automatic seniority pool eligibility; creation of sick leave bank; improved professional development and tuition reimbursements. Proven experience showing steady, incremental improvements are what we need in these tumultuous times.

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Vice President from Faculty for the Public Division


Lisa “Elle” Van Dermark

Elle’s union work includes being the only 4Cs Chair at Asnuntuck. She spent the last two years advocating for faculty, staff, and part time lecturers and negotiating with management on their behalf. She led systemwide grievance work in the iTeach/BPOP dispute as well as challenging management for Distance Learning AR Credit.

Elle believes we need to rally our folx. We are fighting, but we need to forge a path that unifies our voices, focuses our attention, and educates and empowers our members to work together. Elle’s tenure with the 4Cs has only just begun – Stronger4cs.com

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Vice President from Community College Professionals (CCPs) for the Public Division


Kevin Skee

I believe in trust, truth, and transparency for the 4Cs and I work to represent CCPs and the rest of the 4Cs members diligently with that motto in mind. I work within the 4Cs Executive Board to have meaningful feedback be given to our membership, so we know what direction we all are heading in negotiations and to avoid nasty contractual surprises for our membership. Our union and membership need to pull together and not get sidetracked by internal divisions. Our foe tends to be the BOR and I will work to keep us in sight of that fact!

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Vice President from Part-Timers for the Public Division


Patricia Burke

My mission is helping disenfranchised people make their voices heard.  From working with disabled people, to working with the Union Part-Timers, my focus has been to encourage and inspire individuals to fight for their rights.

Negotiating for a strong contract requires a person with years of experience with our Union to help set the stage for a significant win for all of our Part-Timers in the system.  With 7 years experience at the 4cs, and my eye on the circumstances that affect our members, we can win this fight.

United and in solidarity we fight for our members.

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Ramon Esponda

I am running for the position of Vice President of Part Timers to represent the diverse group of people who are part-timers, I have been teaching in the community college system for 13 years and I have met people from all walks of life who have many different reasons for teaching, some are supplementing their full-time job, some are retired and, some are trying to become full time employees.

I believe we all have these things in common we want to work in an environment that is safe, provides decent wages and respects the work we do.

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Mike Spry

I teach a 7/7/2 courseload, and make between a third and a quarter of what full-time colleagues do for a 4/4, with no benefits and often less respect. We need paths to full-time employment, access to benefits, and the same pay as full-timers. Colleges are built on our backs and it’s time we were given credit and respect for our efforts. Over 25 years, administrative bloat has infected colleges at the expense of part-time faculty and we are in danger of being replaced by instructional designers. We must stop this takeover of the academy by non-academics.

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Vice President for Private Division


Ira Rubenzahl

I seek to serve as Vice President of Private Division to organize with you and work alongside you to continue to build our University of Hartford 4Cs chapter.

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Membership Officer


Saulo Colón

As one of the chapter leaders at HCC, I see the importance of building a good team in order to lead the union in a democratic and progressive direction. I believe we need to strengthen our union so that we can win the fight for our colleagues, our students, our colleges, and our future. We must fight to better our working conditions because our working conditions are the conditions for student learning and success. Stonger4Cs.com

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Diversity Officer


Waynette Arnum

I am running for Diversity Officer.  I have been a strong chapter leader and I believe that our union needs to be more proactive in supporting our members and our communities.  I will continue to fight for transparency and fairness for all or our members. Please see meet Waynette at www.stronger4cs.com.

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