Day: November 18, 2011

2012-2013 SEIU Scholarship Program Kicks Off

2012-2013 SEIU Scholarship Program Kicks Off

SEIU has a long and proud history of helping union members pursue their dreams through higher education. SEIU offers 53 scholarship opportunities to support studies in areas including the arts, social justice, labor studies and the healthcare field. Scholarships are open to members and their children; one scholarship is open to local staff, as well. […]

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President Barack Obama

SEIU Endorses President Obama for Re-election

November 16, our international union, the 2.1 million members united in SEIU endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry sent members the following message: “President Obama is the only candidate for president who shares our vision of America as a land of opportunity for everyone…

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